Website Development

Interactive website development can significantly improve user experience (UX) and increase engagement with your brand. By giving users the opportunity to interact with your brand through a well-designed website, you can more effectively motivate users to become customers, and purchasers to become brand ambassadors.

Built to Engage

Great websites don't just happen by accident. To ensure your site is fully interactive, you’ll need top-notch website programmers to ensure the back-end development is properly created and well maintained. In addition, you’ll require innovative web design that immediately engages and keeps users on your site longer. From graphic designers to dedicated programmers, our in-house web development team is adept at creating web design and architecture that works.


One of our favorite things about the advertising industry is that we get to meet and dive into so many different people, brands, and industries. We take a deep-dive into each client and their business or industry before taking any other steps in a project for them. We call this the discovery phase.

One of the most exciting and important questions we ask in a discovery phase meeting is, "What is your vision for your company's future?" A strong understanding of a company's past, current strengths and weaknesses, and vision for their future are all vital to creating a successful strategy for any project a client asks us to do.

Features & Requirements Documentation

While this is certainly a creative process, there are a myriad of technical items to consider in a website design and build. The speed of your site is a major factor in UX, for example, when you only have a very limited amount of time in which to grab the user’s attention. If an interactive upgrade is going to slow down the site’s loading speeds, it may be time to switch to a new hosting provider.

We also consider exactly what needs to be on your site in terms of regulatory requirements and documentation. Your site documentation essentially contains all the information necessary to maintain it, such as crucial build details.

The process of creating and approving the Features & Requirements document for a website project also ensures that we are on the same page as the client with everything the new website should include.

Content Audits

Before modifying an existing website or adding new interactive features, we’ll carry out a comprehensive content audit. By assessing what’s currently on your site, we can determine which elements need to stay, which features need to be updated, and which ones should be discarded. This helps to ensure that every feature on your site works in accordance with the interactive strategy.


Wireframes essentially plot your website in a 2D graphic and can help to ensure that features and elements are placed appropriately according to best practices. While some content should appear ‘above the fold’ for premium placement on a webpage, other items can be placed lower down the webpage. After the wireframe has been approved, features and requirements confirmed, and content strategy created, we give our developers the green light to begin working their magic.

Website Development

At Rockit, we code exclusively in CraftCMS for a number of reasons, the first of which is security. However, we also have experience redesigning client websites through common platforms like WordPress, Squarespace, and Wix. No matter the platform, our development process involves UX/UI considerations and testing of the site across multiple devices, screen sizes, and browsers--as well as testing for bugs.

Above all, great advertising is about effective communication. Rockit Science Agency can help you discover what your business needs from an advertising strategy, both now and in the future. Contact to start a conversation.


We created an integrated website strategy for an alliance of 140 Northwestern United States utility companies serving 13 million energy consumers

Louisiana Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Association

We crafted a new website and branding for this important organization representing all sectors of the oil and gas industry in Louisiana and the Gulf of Mexico


We created this sleek, user-friendly website to unify a partnership of Strategic Energy Management initiatives and organizations across the Northwestern United States


We completely reimagined the branding and advertising strategies of one of the oldest Franciscan universities in the country, increasing applications by 35%, among other successes

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