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Established in 1923, Franciscan University in Baton Rouge is one of the oldest Franciscan universities in the country, and is one of the oldest nursing schools in the Southeast region. The University engaged Rockit Science as its Agency of Record to tackle widely-held misconceptions about the school through a total rebrand and relaunch. The Agency created incredibly successful advertising and recruitment campaigns supported by well-received new branding and a strong interactive website experience.

Branded promotional materials and brochures for FranU which provides education for nurses and medical personnel in Southeast Louisiana.
A happy FranU student walks across the Baton Rouge campus for the university.
A student visits the website for Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
Wolves mascot for the FranU university.

Seeing is believing

After in-depth Discovery and Research phases, the Agency used what it had learned to craft targeted marketing and recruitment campaigns supported by well-received new branding imagery and messaging, branded promotional materials, and a new interactive website.

The Agency designed the student recruitment campaigns with a variety of visually unique, appealing imagery. Fully-integrated online, print, interactive, and collateral campaign components truly gave potential students a taste of the complete FranU experience.

Illustrated FranU recruitment posters for Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University.

The Results

FranU reported a whopping 35% increase in applications, an 85% increase in website traffic, and a 25% increase in Open House interest as a result of the Agency's rebranding and recruiting campaign for the school. The Agency helped them to transform from a local university that many local and regional high school students and their parents had either never heard or never considered into a viable and exciting local university option.

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