When it comes to success in business, you can be pretty confident that if your marketing campaign is on target, everything else will fall into place. Great marketing makes an audience feel an emotion that compels them to purchase and brand loyalty. A great advertising agency knows how to use research-based strategy to pull all the right pieces of marketing together to create a strategy that creates results.

As your company grows and develops new goals for your future, evolving your marketing strategy to reach those goals can be a huge challenge. Often, bringing in a professional marketing agency like Rockit Science can be invaluable in recognizing opportunities, strengths, and research-based approaches that move your company most quickly toward your goals.

Strategy-based Campaign Development

We believe that great campaigns start with strong, research-based strategy. Great campaigns aren't created by a bunch of marketing minds deciding to sit down and brainstorm once or twice. They're created by those same marketing minds taking a deep dive into the strengths, weaknesses, challenges, processes, offerings, vision, internal and external culture considerations, and industry landscape of a company--then using what they learn as anchor points for everything they create and plan for the campaign.

A skilled marketing firm should follow a basic six-step plan for any campaign development process--something like this:

  • Define the process.
  • Document the process.
  • Deploy technology for process assistance.
  • Deploy collaboration technology.
  • Execute simple test campaigns.
  • Determine SLA and roll out.

Content Creation

We understand that top draw content is part of every successful marketing campaign. We have a in-house team of writers and strategists who have mastered the art of crafting messaging that sings with clarity, charisma, and impact. Whether you are looking for ‘how-to’ articles or nurturing ebooks, our content creation service quality speaks for itself.

Content Marketing

While it used to be the case that a blog post and some well-placed posts could be invaluable to your content marketing campaign, these days Google has made the process a little more complicated. We stay on top of what Google finds most attractive in online content, and we are able to advise our clients on the forms of online content that will perform best within their particular marketing strategy.


Having a robust copywriting service at your disposal is essential for every marketing campaign. We have some of the best copywriters in the business on our team. From ads to press releases to website copy--we have a wordsmith for that.

Email Marketing

Another vital part of a strategic advertising campaign is email marketing. Email marketing is one of those things that is often underestimated--although its importance can be crucial. We understand that designing an email campaign can be a complicated process. We have in-house specialists that create one-time or ongoing bespoke campaigns tailored to your business. We know it's important not just to reach the right demographic with your emails; it’s also imperative to have the technical know-how for staying out of people's spam folders.

Market Research

Market research is important for every company. Having an advertising agency like Rockit Science on board puts this often overwhelming task into good hands. From targeting the right audiences to figuring out how what motivates them most where your product or service is concerned, we know how to use our well-refined research process to get answers that animate your marketing strategy and maximize your budget.


Photography can make or break a brand's visual imagery. Some people genuinely believe that professional professional is fast-becoming a thing of the past with the wide use of powerful phone camera technology, but while a phone or amateur camera may result in a very good image, there is far more to a compelling photograph than that. They say that a photo is worth a thousand words, but we believe only great photos end up doing that. We have a deep bench of photographers whose work proves time and time again that professional photography will always be an important part of the best marketing campaigns.

Search Engine Marketing

Often confused with search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM) is a combination of SEO and a whole lot more. SEM includes many different components: the main three are pay-per-click, SEO, and social media marketing. Putting your SEM in the hands of a knowledgable marketing agency will benefit your business's online visibility tenfold.

Social Media Management

Social media is, without a doubt, the most influential platform on earth. Using social media to the advantage of your business can, in fact, be one of the best pieces of your strategic marketing game plan. The one problem with social media marketing is the trickiness of navigating it. Social media can be a dangerous place should you be inexperienced and misuse it. Having an experienced and skilled marketing firm take control of your social media marketing campaigns will probably be the best thing you can do as a part of your marketing strategy.

Above all, it is all about effective communication. Rockit Science Agency can help you discover what your business needs, now and in the future. Contact to start the conversation.

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