The leading online movie ticketer in the world asked Rockit Science to come up with new ways to dynamically engage moviegoers with non-traditional, in-person, and digital strategies and tactics. The only requirement: that this engagement fit in the palm of a consumer’s hand. The trick to accomplish this task was a little sleight of hand and a bit of mobile know-how.

Alien and astronaut pop-out puppets for Movie Tickets.

Setting the Stage for Spidey

With the excitement surrounding the multi-theater "Pop Imagination" rollout, the client asked the Agency to create a "Spiderman Homecoming" movie card. The Spidey cards featured the web slinger popping out and allowed consumers the ability to simulate him hanging on the side of buildings or walls. Consumers snapped pics and shared across their social channels.

The amazing Spider-Man pop-out Spidey for social media sharing capabilities for Movie Tickets.

Friendly Neighborhood Billboard

The Agency created co-op experiential out-of-home take-overs for and Sony. Social scavenger hunts were created for deployment in major metros for consumers to search for Spidey prizes and ticket giveaways.

Billboard for Movie Tickets for Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Spidey Hits the Web

To add a dynamic mobile aspect to the campaign, the Agency created geo-fenced Snapchat filters at select theaters which allowed consumers to swing into the action and share their Spidey selfies across social channels.

The spectacular Spider-Man poster and notes from Spidey left around the city for experiential marketing.
The sensational Spider-Man snapchat filter for Movie Tickets to promote Spider-Man:Homecoming.
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