The Agency created online content and design strategies for Lifesize, a global telecommunications company focused on providing 4K video conferencing endpoints, accessories, and cloud-based video collaboration platforms utilized by top brands like Netflix, Virgin Mobile, Twitter, PayPal, Major League Baseball, and many others.

Cheers to video conferencing

For more than a decade, Lifesize has been at the forefront of video collaboration delivering high-quality technology designed to bring people together. The company’s focus has been developing market-leading products that deliver easy-to-use and scalable audio, web, and video conferencing. Lifesize just introduced the world’s first true 4K video and 4K full-motion content sharing solution. Rockit Science was engaged to create online content and design strategies to communicate the history of video conferencing and why Lifesize’s technology is best-in-class and utilized by top brands around the world. Throughout the content process, the Agency highlighted Heaven Hill Brands, the largest independent, family-owned-and-operated distilled spirits company in America. Heaven Hill, the nation’s sixth-largest spirits supplier and the second-largest holder of aging bourbon whiskey, faced unique video conferencing challenges and found a solution in Lifesize.

In Good Company With Good Companies

Trusted by leading brands, Lifesize has provided a variety of telecommunication solutions to help these companies overcome unique challenges. The Agency created content for a new online module entitled “Video Conferencing 101.” This content included the evolution of the conference call and provided statistical overviews on why video conferencing is the right choice for the future. Specific inset case study content strategies were developed and further explored through UI/UX wireframes developed to mirror the Agency’s content strategies’ scope. Additional content included video conferencing solution breakdown, an overview of Lifesize’s newest product offerings, video conferencing best practices, optimizing meeting rooms, and how to maximize adoption and build a video-first organizational culture.

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