September 05, 2019 - 2 min read

Hi, My Name Is...

Hi, My Name Is...

Amy Crawford

Senior VP / Account Director

A brand’s identity starts with a name (what an advertising agency calls "nomenclature") and there’s no getting away from that fact. It’s what people will encounter before they know anything else about the brand. So what does that mean and why does it matter so much?

First Impressions

First impressions matter for any business. People will make judgments and assumptions upon seeing or hearing your brand name, so you need to think about those first impressions. You only get one chance at a first impression, so you don’t want it to be negative.

Communicate Something

Communicating an idea of some kind is something that brand names often do. Sometimes they have a meaning or they say something about the business and what it offers. That’s something to take into account when naming a brand. A great example of a well-named organization is Lifesize, a Rockit Science client, who focuses on 4K video conferencing. They are the leader in their tech space and have a name bigger than life. Check out the Lifesize case study to learn more about great nomenclature and content strategies.

Understand Your Customers

Do your best to understand your customers as a part of your efforts to choose a brand name. A name that resonates with a brand’s audience will do so much better than one that means nothing to the audience and target market.

It Has to Sound Cool

Finally, you need to remember the importance of a name sounding good. A brand name like Nike doesn’t mean anything, but it’s snappy and it sounds good. That’s an important quality that shouldn’t be overlooked. A great example of a strong brand name is Camp Conquer, an organization that helps grieving children encounter hope again. Check out Rockit Science's Camp Conquer case study on this fun and heart-warming project.

A brand name can make or break a brand before anyone even has a chance to find out what’s good and bad about it. So if you’re going through the process of naming your brand, make it count. For more information on nomenclature and brand identity creation, drop us a line. We love talking branding, naming, design-ing--everything related to bringing a new brand into the world.

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