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Graphic Design 101: The process of visual communications

Graphic Design 101: The process of visual communications


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A big part of branding and good business practice is graphic design. Businesses need to catch the eye and stand out if they’re going to make an impact and good graphic design makes that possible. Here are some principles behind graphic design that business owners should understand.

Visual Hierarchy

Every design should have a visual hierarchy in place. There are always certain things that you want to draw the eye first and to be focused on more than others.


In order to make certain parts of a design stand out, it’s important to use contrast. It can emphasize various aspects of a design at the same time.


Typography is one of the most important aspects of graphic designs. Most designs have something to say, so the choice of typography is massively impactful.


Balance and symmetry can be used to give the design structure. It's vital the most important aspects of the design are given the most weight and that can be achieved through balance.


Color is vital for directing mood and capturing the eye. It can also create a unified visual aesthetic that customers can identify with your brand in an immediate way.

Negative Space

The area between the elements of your graphic design is known as negative space. When advertising, negative space can be used very effectively to avoid an overly busy visual impact.

Never underestimate the value and importance of graphic design to the branding and advertising process. It can help your brand stand out and present an image that your target audience finds appealing. Contact Rockit Science today to learn more about our branding and graphic design services.

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