April 13, 2022 - 1 min read

Don't Put a Cape on Her

Don't Put a Cape on Her


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Erin Franco will tell you not to call her SuperMom, but we think this mom of five has some extraordinary talents and a unique background that make her a super addition to the Rockit team.

Model to Working Mom-of-Many

Erin is a former model who worked in Public Relations for two Houston firms before moving to the nonprofit sector. She has done writing and PR consulting for a wide variety of clients, from solar energy companies to religious organizations to school curriculum providers–all while having five children in 8 years. In addition to her consulting work, she developed branding and marketing for both of her family's businesses.

Erin is also a local radio personality and has been blogging, podcasting, and speaking about faith, marriage, and motherhood since 2009 through her personal website, ErinFranco.com.

At Rockit Science, we celebrate the fact that everyone on our team brings a unique background, talents, and experience to the table. Our team is thrilled to have Erin’s fresh perspective and knock-out talent for crafting messaging strategies that have clarity, charisma, and impact.

Erin is a busy working mom-of-many with diverse client and project experience and some amazing personal talents. She says that her chocolate chip cookie recipe is guaranteed to make you new friends, and that her Mary Poppins writing skills can make any message taste like a spoonful of sugar.

She won’t let us put a cape on her, but we did it anyway.

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