January 21, 2022 - 1 min read

Take a look behind the scenes

Take a look behind the scenes


Pixel Pushers

A little behind the scenes look at our Christmas card.

At Rockit we know how important it is to focus on the details. This year we fully embraced that idea with this concept.

Our team built a small-scale model of a retro living room, complete with a backlit window and dinosaurs trimming a Christmas tree. A second glance will reveal the custom wallpaper, handmade stockings and a tiny awkward family photo of our team. We really took our time to focus on the details.

Once our scene was complete, we set up our lights and took some RAWR-some photos of our creation. We used a shallow depth of field to bring the viewer into the space and tried to make it seam as life like as possible. Once we had the perfect photo, we used it as the cover of our Christmas card. We even had custom wrapping paper printed with the wallpaper pattern, just to keep our gifts looking cohesive with the card.

From the little lights to the micro family portrait, our team got a big kick out of our tiny set.

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