Immersing visitors in an unparalleled journey through history, The National WWII Museum stands as a testament to the monumental impact of World War II. Seamlessly blending sweeping historical narratives with intimate personal accounts, the museum offers a captivating tapestry of immersive exhibits, multimedia presentations, and an extensive collection of artifacts and first-person oral histories. Beyond this remarkable journey, the museum's influence extends to orchestrating significant conferences and unique travel destinations and experiences. The Rockit team continues to support these efforts along with the monumental undertaking of branding the museum’s $400M capital campaign and campus completion.

Extraordinary Vision

The upcoming campus completion stands poised to etch a remarkable chapter in the Museum's narrative, rivaling the significance of its Grand Opening on June 6, 2000. This momentous occasion will not only honor the past but also lay the foundation for future growth. A series of celebratory events will highlight the Museum’s expansion, unveiling the latest enhancements to the campus including the newest addition, Liberation Pavilion.

Beyond bricks and mortar, this heartfelt expression of gratitude is also directed toward the impassioned supporters who breathed life into this vision. This celebration extends its embrace to the cherished WWII generation, acknowledging their monumental contribution in shaping history's trajectory. As time inches forward, this celebration represents one of the final occasions to extend our heartfelt thanks to these resilient men and women who secured the triumphant victory we hold dear

Visual Strategy

The unveiling of two major additions to the visitor experience will be the highlight of the celebration as the Museum opens its capstone three-story exhibit hall Liberation Pavilion - which explores the end of World War II, the Holocaust, and the war’s lasting legacies - and dedicates the Col. Battle Barksdale Parade Ground, a magnificent outdoor gathering space in the heart of the Museum’s six-acre New Orleans campus.

Embracing a unique architectural ethos, the Museum has evolved into a visual icon, an unmistakable emblem that graces the city of New Orleans. Its distinctive design reverberates globally, applauded for its contemporary stance that stands in juxtaposition to the chaos of war. At the core of our creative approach lies an inherent ambition: every creation, every concept, must exude a magnitude that transcends individual elements. As one might imagine, the Museum holds within its embrace profound beliefs that reverberate through its mission and the enduring impact it leaves on individuals from every walk of life.

From The Beginning To Now

We realized that a name could blend together all the feelings, milestones, and legacy of those who came before us, as well as those who will follow in the future. When the Museum first opened, it was known as the D-Day Museum, marking a pivotal moment in history. But today, it embodies not just that day, but the entire journey leading up to it, the trials of the war, and the profound narrative that will unfold within the upcoming Liberation Pavilion exhibit hall. The decision to combine “D-Day” with “Liberation” in the name holds immense significance. It encapsulates not only the physical events but also the essence of the battle’s earliest days right through to the triumphant liberation of those oppressed under Nazi rule. This name goes beyond the surface; it resonates with a depth that truly captures the essence of the story.

The Museum’s “Road to Victory” capital campaign serves as the cornerstone for this event, especially now that the original master plan is near its completion. Our goal was to create a symbol that embodies the spirit of the campaign—a mark that’s sharp, daring, and modern. This mark becomes a visual representation of the “tip of the spear” during the D-Day landings while also symbolizing the forward momentum of the new building and the museum’s continued evolution

Top Secret

Rockit Science also helps support the Museum's various partnerships and collaborations such as the International Spy Museum. Individuals can join the International Spy Museum and The National WWII Museum on a journey into the intelligence and espionage of World War II. Traveling from London to the Midlands, examining intelligence collecting from the highest levels to the individual spy. These immersive and unforgettable real-world experiences are truly one of a kind.

Profound Platform

The International Conference on World War II, hosted by The National WWII Museum, stands as a beacon of intellectual inquiry and commemoration, offering a profound platform for engaging with the past and shaping the present. Every year, the conference becomes a meeting ground where the past comes alive. It's not just a gathering; it's a chance to dive deep into the complex layers of a war that profoundly changed our world.

Integral to the success of any large event such as this monumental endeavor is the visual language, design elements, and materials all layered with thoughtfully curated content. Our approach looked to enhance engagement, foster dialogue, and amplify the impact of this distinguished conference

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