With a rich legacy spanning over a century, Woodward has indelibly shaped the captivating skyline of South Louisiana. Since its inception in 1923, this innovative New Orleans-based design-build firm has been the driving force behind transformative commercial construction projects. Woodward aspired to honor its legacy of accomplishments while showcasing its enduring commitment to pioneering and forward-thinking technologies.

The Approach

Elevating a brand that's deeply entrenched in such a rich history requires a lot of groundwork, heartfelt conversations, and a structured process of uncovering what really matters. Woodward entrusted Rockit Science with the exciting mission of crafting a special 100-year anniversary brand. Our journey led us to reimagine Woodward's iconic logo for this milestone, and we meticulously designed brand elements that blend vintage snapshots with contemporary images of significant projects and the dedicated folks who've been a part of Woodward's journey over the last century.


We then delved into the world of social media with a clear purpose – to bring the essence of Woodward's remarkable 100-year journey to life on digital platforms. Our digital design scheme was tailor-made, ensuring that every pixel and post embodied the spirit of this century-long accomplishment. Through carefully crafted posts, stories, and visuals, we aimed to encapsulate the legacy and expertise that Woodward had built over the years.

In this way, our strategy became a bridge, linking the old and the new, the traditional and the digital. We created a narrative that traversed time zones and technology, weaving Woodward's story into the fabric of both print and pixel, ensuring that the celebration of 100 years echoed through the pages and screens that make up our modern world

The Result

The centennial campaign for Woodward was a resounding success, achieving a multi-dimensional impact that went beyond mere numbers. The reimagined logo and brand elements received overwhelmingly positive feedback, becoming a point of pride for employees and stakeholders alike. Overall, the campaign not only honored Woodward's storied past but also set the stage for another century of innovation and excellence.

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