Meet the Pirate of the Pacific, DD-661, the only Fletcher-Class Destroyer restored to her WWII (1945) configuration. She bears a nickname adopted from the the skull and crossbones of the Jolly Roger, which she would fly regularly--striking fear in all she encountered.

The Open Seas

It is here, far away from land, that the Pirate of the Pacific would carry out her missions. With subtle nods to the open ocean, and typography matching the WWII era, we looked to build a visual system for both the ship and the museum. We drew inspiration from traditional naval badging and iconography to form the underpinnings of the new rebrand, forging a bold and clean approach. A simple, aggressive color palette reflects the strength and order of the ship and her crew.

Wave Action

Sea spray influences plant growth and increases corrosion of building materials in coastal areas. It's this impact that we wanted to capture with the newly minted signage for The Manship Deck at The USS KIDD, a new and modern theater located within the Museum. Hand milled letters purposely left to rust in the natural elements of the Pacific Ocean, resemble a life and patina only privileged by the sea herself.

Space planning is a fundamental element of the interior design process. When combined with a strong brand presence, the visitor experience can be elevated. Each touchpoint can be leveraged to tell your story and ultimately provide meaningful connections with individuals along their journey.

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