Rockit Science was tasked with rebranding LUBA Workers' Comp's incentives program, which offers cash and prizes for partner agent achievement goals. We reimagined the program's branding into a fresh, modern-yet-nostalgic aesthetic that echoes LUBA's Louisiana roots.

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A little something extra...

Lagniappe is a common term in LUBA's birthplace of Louisiana. By definition, the word means "bonus" or "gift." It is something given or obtained gratuitously or by way of good measure. When it came to reimagining a fresh look for LUBA's incentives program, we knew we wanted to add a little something extra to the design.

Destination: Engagement

The fresh, nostalgic aesthetic puts an exciting, engaging new spin on trip destinations available in the incentives program.

We crafted image and copy pairings designed to both entertain and reignite enthusiasm for the program.

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