Rockit Science was honored to work with the Louisiana Legislative Auditor to revitalize and reintroduce LLA with fresh, charismatic, and clarified branding to other state agencies, to the professional community, and to current and potential employees.

The Challenge

The Louisiana Legislative Auditor is a state agency comprised of trusted advisors collectively working to improve communities and build a better Louisiana. Their work helps inform lawmakers, assists organizations with government compliance, and strives to ensure state and federal funds are properly used in Louisiana.

LLA came to Rockit ready to completely rebrand in a way that would build up their success, address misconceptions about their work, and attract new employees.

The Approach

Included within this initiative were several key tactics that form the foundation of LLA’s recruiting efforts, brand image, mission and vision. We developed new internal and external messaging, a revitalized logo, a new website experience with modern functionality and robust search capabilities, fresh recruiting materials, and a new social media framework with imagery meant to encourage positive market perception.

The new LLA brand translates fluidly across its internal and external communications materials. The use of smiling human faces in many pieces supports a new, more friendly image for LLA. The messaging, at the same time, is cohesive, persuasive, and addresses common misconceptions.

Repositioning an Established Identity

The goal was to create a logo that positioned LLA as a strategic, trustworthy partner. We introduced a modern typeface, minimal design aesthetic, and some light, fresh complimentary colors in their brand standards.

Effective Search Experience

When it came to searching for content, the existing LLA website was limited. It had a complex and confusing user interface, making it difficult for site visitors to search for and find content. Many people depend on LLA's website for information, including other state agencies, state-funded organizations, the Louisiana Legislature, and LLA personnel. Our top priority for the new website was to build a simple, yet intuitive search experience for these users.

Address Desired Audiences

While LLA interfaces with a wide variety of audiences, one specific audience the agency hoped to target with their revitalized brand was potential employees. To capture the attention of a new, diverse, and talented workforce for LLA, we decided to showcase authentic images of LLA employees, grab attention with large typefaces, and craft sectioned-out information in easy-to-scan formats for the website.

Social Media

The agency was tasked with developing social media creative and messaging for recruitment purposes and general posts. The ultimate objective was to increase following, boost community engagement, drive traffic to the website, and improve the overall perceptions of LLA.

Career & Recruitment

When we reimagined LLA's career and recruitment materials, we set out with two goals in mind. First, we knew we wanted to showcase actual LLA employees sharing about their work with LLA. It is well documented that today's younger generations in the workforce want their work to "make a difference." We set out to feature LLA employees who could share honestly about how they feel their work with the agency makes a difference for others. Secondly, we realized that we needed to highlight some little-known financial and flexibility "perks" of a career at LLA that would be attractive to potential employees.

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