Rockit Science Agency was thrilled to partner with the Louisiana Dairy Board in a mission to elevate dairy consumption across the state. Our collaboration culminated in a dynamic three-month social media campaign to redefine how Louisianans perceive and use dairy products.

The Challenge

In a state renowned for its culinary diversity, from gumbo to jambalaya, the challenge of elevating dairy from a supporting role to the main attraction was no small feat. Louisiana's rich food heritage meant that we were not merely competing with other food groups; we were up against deeply ingrained cultural eating habits. The task was twofold: first, to capture the hearts of Louisianans through their love for food, and second, to shift the culinary narrative to make dairy the star rather than the sidekick. Our strategy was clear yet ambitious—create content that not only educates but also emotionally engages.

The Approach

To captivate our audience, we produced a series of original recipe videos highlighting four delectable dishes, each featuring milk, butter, or cheese as the main ingredient. These videos not only educated but also served as promoted posts, significantly boosting the Dairy Board's social media impressions. Supplementing this were video reels that showcased easy-to-make, seasonal dairy-based treats, such as yogurt-fruit bark and milkshakes. We also incorporated visuals from local dairy farms in our static posts and Instagram Stories. These behind-the-scenes farm videos amassed thousands of views, while our cow-themed posts evoked a sense of nostalgia and warmth among followers.

Spotlight On Dairy

As a cornerstone of our campaign strategy, we produced four high-quality recipe videos that placed dairy front and center. Each video was meticulously crafted to showcase a unique dish where milk, butter, or cheese played the starring role. From concept to execution, our team focused on capturing the textures, flavors, and culinary techniques that make dairy indispensable in cooking. These videos served a dual purpose: they not only educated viewers on the versatility of dairy but also acted as compelling content for promoted posts.

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To add a layer of engagement and tap into trending social media formats, we produced a series of Instagram Reels featuring quick and fun dairy-based recipes. These Reels were designed to be easily digestible, both literally and figuratively, offering viewers a fast and entertaining way to learn new recipes. From yogurt-and-fruit bark treats to creative milkshakes, these short-form videos captured the essence of dairy's versatility, all while fitting perfectly into the scrolling habits of our target audience.

In addition to digital content, we took our campaign to the great outdoors by visiting various Louisiana dairy farms. Our team captured authentic, high-quality photographs that offered a behind-the-scenes look at the source of the dairy products being promoted. These images enriched our social media feeds and resonated with followers by providing a tangible connection to local agriculture. The farm visits added an element of storytelling, allowing us to showcase the journey of dairy from farm to table, thereby creating a more comprehensive and relatable campaign narrative.

The Result

The campaign's impact was nothing short of phenomenal. Over three months, the Louisiana Dairy Board saw an astonishing 6,175.6% spike in social media engagement and a 1,371% growth in their overall audience. The campaign not only met but far exceeded expectations, solidifying Rockit Science Agency's reputation for delivering high-impact, results-driven solutions.

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