One of the leading Architecture firms in the Southeast, Grace Hebert Curtis truly lives their message of "Process Equals Success." Since 2006, Rockit Science has developed and implemented successful strategies and activations across GHC's entire brand landscape. As GHC's Agency of Record, Rockit Science continues to collaborate with GHC on advertising, marketing, public relations and branding projects that support GHC's legacy of leadership in its industry.

Sustained Momentum

GHC has experienced tremendous expansion throughout the firm's 50-year history. With each new growth period, however, comes unique brand challenges. For example, when Grace Hebert Architects acquired Curtis Group Architects, there were pressing new brand challenges. What would remain from the acquired brand? What would change? How could the firm leverage new capabilities in both new and existing market sectors?

Rockit Science brings a proven approach for navigating all the parts and pieces of how to communicate during these key inflection points. From drafting talking points for leadership, to revising a brand position, to developing a new online experience, over the years Rockit Science has been an integral part of the GHC evolution.

Digital Brought To Life

GHC has a commitment to their client’s vision and bringing it to life. Rockit Science was tasked with doing the same and created a website that would provide easy navigation and showcase GHC's culture through the use of large imagery, a clean user interface and well-organized structures as seen throughout project portfolios.

Bridging Relationships

Relationships between building owners and architects is important for long-term, strategic growth. Those who truly understand this nuance also know that no one project is the same as another. The one constant is the trust and the relationship earned over time as GHC continues to cultivate a signature client experience.

Pairing this knowledge within the GHC experience and visually telling this story is paramount, especially at the forefront of developing these ongoing and important relationships. Our goal was to align the right message with the right audience, therefor offering an exacting methodology and key differentiators.

We used a great amount of design restraint to allow the GHC's branding to stand on its own without disruption from overly heavy design elements. It's the negative space across the GHC visual brand that makes it stand apart from the rest.

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