Connecting 13 million consumers to energy efficiency messaging and branding across the Pacific Northwest for NEEA and over 140 utility companies.

The Challenge

Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA) is a collaboration of 140 utilities and efficiency organizations working together to advance energy efficiency in the Northwest on behalf of more than 13 million consumers. NEEA asked Rockit Science one dynamically layered question: “How do you deliver value, by concentrating energy efficiency activities in four strategic markets: consumer products, residential new construction, commercial new construction, and commercial lighting across Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana? Moreover, how do you find consensus with multiple marketing directors, board members, utility stakeholders and public interest groups at the helm of each funder's organization who is ultimately responsible for a more vibrant, sustainable future in the Northwest?”

The Approach

Through collaboration and pooling of resources; NEEA, the region’s utilities and stakeholders partnered with Rockit Science (as Agency of Record for program branding, advertising, and website experiences) to harness their collective influence to drive market adoption of energy efficiency products, services and practices for the benefit of utilities, consumers, and the region. In addition, Rockit Science sought to engage a broad cross-section of NEEA supply chain and industry partners—from manufacturers to national retail partnerships.

Branding Efficiency

The Agency's initial research phase set out to determine key assumptions about energy use behavior and the barriers to changing that behavior. Universal energy efficiency messages were adopted and adapted to create "It's A Good Place To Be," a regional campaign deployed to 13 million customers in the Pacific Northwest.

Outdoor ad for the It's a Good Place To Be campaign for utilities in the Pacific Northwest.

Stylish Guidelines

Extensive brand, campaign, and resource style guides were created for distribution to marcom departments for integration in energy markets in the four-state region.

A spread from the messaging guide created for the It's a Good Place to Be campaign for NEEA in the Pacific Northwest.
A happy family enjoying an energy efficient lifestyle because they have learned to be more efficient from the Good Place To Be campaign.
The regional messaging and marketing toolkit created to promote the Good Place To Be campaign for the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance.
Responsive mobile website for the It's a Good Place to Be campaign for the NEEA organization in the Pacific Northwest.

The Results

The campaign was adopted by the utilities and stakeholders within the NEEA collaborative. Based on this campaign's success, Rockit Science was further engaged across 9 of the 19 NEEA market-facing transformation programs including Heat Pump Water Heaters, Ductless Heating & Cooling, Commercial and Industrial Strategic Energy Management, New Home Certification Programs, Commercial Building Programs, Commercial Lighting & Controls, High Performance Manufactured Homes, Corporate Communications and Utility co-branded consumer outreach. Utilities have successfully implemented strategies and tactics across the region through our efforts.

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