Oregon’s Department of Environmental Quality tasked Rockit Science with creating a campaign to promote habits to reduce food waste. The award-winning "Don't Let Good Food Go Bad!" campaign we created for them featured a n'er-do-well "Bad Apple" character who boldly gave viewers bite-sized tips on how to waste food--and money--at home.

Reduce food waste. Save money.

In our research with consumers about food waste, we found that centering food waste reduction messaging around the ability to save money was by far the most impactful approach.

Instead of giving viewers a "guilt trip" by citing statistics about food waste's significant impacts on the environment, we invited people to look at personally reducing food waste through a new lens: their pocketbook.

The campaign commissioned a comprehensive and integrated advertising campaign featuring both traditional media buys and a variety of creative collateral pieces to target consumers at multiple touch points in their interactions with planning, purchasing, eating, and storing food. Consumers in Oregon experienced the "Don't Let Good Food Go Bad!" campaign everywhere from their social media to their local grocery store to their restaurant takeout boxes.

Watch out, this Bad Apple and his sneaky fruit and vegetable friends will spoil your fun and steal your money if you let them.

Meet the whole bunch

In addition to the Bad Apple, we used additional character illustrations of "good food gone bad" to share the campaign's simple, bite-sized steps to cut down on food waste. The additional characters are featured in various print and digital ads.

Putting a face on food waste

We also put a human face on the problem of food waste by sharing stories of local farmers and other food industry workers who put in time, energy and heart to grow and deliver our food all the way to our table.

Everyone likes a cartoon

The humorous animation of this campaign is guaranteed to bring a smile to the face of viewers of all ages. Our animation for the campaign received multiple awards.

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