Molina Cigars, a young cigar company with over 15 years in the industry, wanted to introduce a new line of cigars. Launching new products in an extremely competitive landscape can be a challenge if the brand position and marketing strategies are not on-point. Molina Cigars had twelve months to develop the brand in time to launch at the international cigar market held in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Devil's Weed

Research showed that the Spanish Inquisition coined the term “Devil’s Weed” to discourage mass use of the newly popular tobacco. The brand name, “Devil’s Weed,” provided the product-line a provocative name steeped in rich old world history where tobacco was first used. The brand story was developed by conceptualizing how Mephistopheles would actually package a cigar that would persuade individuals to purchase and smoke cigars. Exploring basic materials available during the Spanish Inquisition, the creative team utilized leathers, parchment paper, and basic wood in the design.

The Package

The consumer package design started with the most common piece of cigar packaging—the cigar ring. The ring featured the brand identity and a special printing process for authentic gold powder ink. The cigars were packaged in a cedar box hand-made in the Dominican Republic. The packaging goal was to represent the rich history of tobacco and align with old world cultural inspirations. The cedar boxes doubled as packaging and point of sale display units. The inside of each box featured custom illustrations that showcasing the back story on the history of tobacco and the introduction of tobacco to settlers by the Devil.

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