The LSU School of Computer Science faced a unique challenge: they wanted to not only appeal to their core demographic of tech-savvy individuals but also diversify their student body by attracting more female applicants. Rockit Science Agency was entrusted with this mission-critical task. We developed a comprehensive Fall recruiting campaign that spanned print materials, digital advertising, a dedicated website, and targeted video commercials for social media.

The Challenge

The LSU School of Computer Science found itself at a crossroads. While the program had successfully attracted a robust student body, the demographic composition was overwhelmingly skewed, with white males making up 90% of enrolled students. The school also had a pressing mandate to diversify its student body, particularly by increasing female enrollment. It was essential to ensure that any new campaign would resonate with the existing core demographic, maintaining the program's appeal to white males who had historically been the majority. Balancing these two objectives was not just a matter of social responsibility; it was also crucial for fostering a more inclusive and dynamic learning environment that would benefit all students.

The Approach

Rockit Science Agency embarked on an in-depth exploration to understand the motivations driving current LSU Computer Science students to enroll. Our team didn't just stop at surveys; we took it a step further by engaging with local high school computer science clubs to gauge what prospective students sought in a college-level program. Our research revealed that authenticity was vital. Prospective students were most influenced by relatable testimonials, emphasizing the importance of seeing "people like me" in the program. Moreover, they were keenly interested in the tangible benefits of a computer science education, such as post-graduation job prospects and the potential for making a meaningful impact on society.

The Social Media Campaign

Our team produced a series of professionally filmed and edited videos that featured these three dynamic students, along with other members of the LSU community, sharing their personal journeys. Each video delved into the individual "whys" behind their choice to pursue computer science and, specifically, why they chose LSU's program. By showcasing diverse experiences and aspirations, we aimed to resonate with a broad spectrum of prospective students, affirming that "people like me" not only belong but thrive in LSU's Computer Science program.

Building on the initial concept, the videos were meticulously planned to capture the essence of life at the LSU School of Computer Science. The videos were filmed in various settings—indoor classrooms and outdoor campus spots—and offered viewers an immersive experience. Students were depicted not just in academic settings but also in more relaxed environments, highlighting the program's balanced approach to education. From coding sessions to leisurely hangouts, the videos showcased students working on real-world projects, such as robotics and game development, underscoring the hands-on nature of the curriculum.

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By focusing on these elements, we aimed to create a multi-dimensional portrayal of the LSU Computer Science program. The videos were designed to resonate with a wide range of prospective students, reinforcing the idea that "people like me" can find both academic and personal fulfillment at LSU. Through authentic storytelling and strategic visual elements, the campaign successfully engaged its target audience, inviting them to envision themselves as part of this thriving educational ecosystem.

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The narrative of each video was carefully crafted to emphasize the sense of community within the LSU School of Computer Science. Students spoke candidly about the supportive and close-knit atmosphere, a key selling point for prospective enrollees. This was interwoven with glimpses of the broader university culture, capturing the vibrancy and diversity that LSU has to offer. The aim was to convey that students are not just joining a program but becoming part of a larger, dynamic community.

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Funneling Prospective Students

Rockit Science Agency designed and developed a custom website tailored specifically for the campaign to seamlessly funnel interested candidates from our social media ads to the application process. Our team created a highly responsive and user-friendly platform that served as a one-stop hub for all campaign-related information. The website was meticulously structured to guide visitors through the journey, from initial interest to application submission.

The site featured various content, including testimonial videos, FAQs, and application guidelines, all aimed at answering prospective students' questions and alleviating any concerns. By creating this specialized website, we not only provide a cohesive experience but also effectively channel prospective students toward taking the pivotal step of applying to LSU's Computer Science program.

The Result

The impact of our multi-faceted campaign was both immediate and profound. Throughout the four-month campaign, the LSU School of Computer Science witnessed a remarkable surge in student enrollment. Most notably, the campaign achieved a historic milestone by attracting an unprecedented number of female applicants. This not only met but exceeded the school's initial objective of diversifying its student body. The testimonial videos and custom website proved particularly effective, with analytics showing high engagement and conversion rates.

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