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Baton Rouge's Capital Area Transit System (CATS) tasked Rockit Science with creating a Covid-era public relations campaign that addressed two major messaging challenges brought on by the pandemic.


CATS came to us in 2020 with two challenges related to onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. First, CATS wanted to educate wary transit riders about the cleaning and safety protocols they had put in place to combat the spread of Covid-19. Secondly, CATS desired to highlight the vital importance of its public transportation services to the Baton Rouge community as a whole during the pandemic.


Using a series of statistics-based print and digital ads, we let the numbers speak for themselves to tell the story of CATS' far-reaching service to the Baton Rouge community across its years of service and continuing through the Covid pandemic. To educate wary public transit riders and the general public about CATS's proactive sanitization protocols, we used a clear, simple language that communicated confidence and safety.

Connections that Matter

We used a play on the word "connection" to emphasize CATS's role in getting many people to work, hence keeping local businesses up and running during the pandemic.

We designed motion graphics to be used to inform the public of CATS's safety policies during the pandemic.

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