May 11, 2020 - 2 min read

Work vs. the World: Nick Miner

Work vs. the World: Nick Miner


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The following article is the first in a new series here at Rockit Science Agency. Over the next few weeks, I will be interviewing individual team members to ask questions regarding their work and how work life is being affected by current events. In anticipation of local governments beginning to lift their Stay At Home Orders, which we are currently still abiding, I aim to explore what it is like to work in the advertising industry in 2020 - life at home, life at work, and life when “at work” means at “home.”

First up is Nick Miner, one of our Senior Graphic Designers.

As a designer, Nick is a creative. His job requires much collaboration with other team members and clients to create visual solutions that are appealing, impactful, and ultimately useful.

Rockit Science Agency employees were asked to begin working from home mid-March, just before Louisiana made the official decision to send “non-essential” workers home - a thoughtful decision our bosses made with the utmost concern for the health of all employees and their families. Asked now, in early May, how working from home has affected his role and responsibilities, Nick admits that his role has been largely unaffected. What has changed, however, has been the method of communication among team members as well as with clients - again, team and client communication being an important element of his work.

"Working from home, we’ve really had to adjust to how we communicate as a team. Personally, I tend to over communicate to avoid misinterpretations. However, with today's technology it’s really easy to jump on a quick video call to discuss a project, share our screens and work out solutions."

The application he credits for our agency’s seamless transition to working from home: Slack (& I agree!) Our team had been using Slack prior to 2020’s major disruption - yes - even in the office. Slack has been a saving grace, allowing our team to communicate quickly with individual members, as well as in various groups, called channels, that are broken up by project, function, interest, or other (#lunch is crucial.)

What Nick misses about the office the most reflects what I know to be true: the people we work with are special. He says, “I truly miss being around people and that quick in-person communication.” Nick, we are with you there.

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