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Template Website VS Custom-Coded Site

Template Website VS Custom-Coded Site

Kyle Baker

Interactive Director

For many business owners, paying for a new website seems an unnecessary expense. After all, it might have only been a few years since you paid an advertising agency to build a website for your company. Too often, business owners are forced to participate in this endless cycle; spend, receive, repeat. What you didn’t know was that some websites are worth the investment that breaks this pattern. This unique class of website is one of our specialties at Rockit Science.

Websites are necessary, but expensive. A well built website should last 5 to 8 years. So what separates a well-built website from one that you will have to quickly repeat? Within the world of interactive, there are two types of websites: template websites and custom websites. In this article, I will outline the differences between template and custom websites while making note of what you should take into account when considering commissioning a new site.

Template Websites

Most agencies offer template websites, built on either a content management system (CMS,) such as Wordpress, or within a page builder, such as Squarespace, Wix, or Webflow. Template websites offer a quick solution for your business’s needs.

With a template site, you may insert unique copy, images, and some branding elements, however, the layout itself will not be of unique design. Content cannot be displayed as effectively on a template site as it can on a custom one. A second hurdle you will likely encounter is that many popular CMS services have non-intuitive interfaces. The content management systems that are automatically attached to template sites are built as “catch-all” systems that work for all types of websites, which makes updating content more difficult.

A template website is great for start-up businesses looking to start with brochure websites, but not quite ready to invest in a custom website. Imagine you are opening a local bakery. Your only goals for your first website are to show photographs of your baked goods, provide easy access to your menu, and list your address. A template website would be a suitable solution for fulfilling these basic needs at an affordable price.

Template Website Pros
  • Quicker turnaround time
  • More affordable option
  • Great for start-ups
Template Website Cons
  • Lack of customization
  • No unique designs
  • Non-intuitive CMS interface

Custom Websites

Some agencies, like Rockit Science Agency, offer custom-coded websites. Before the process begins, we determine what your company’s current needs are while working with you to anticipate your future needs. We then design a custom website that fits your brand and delivers your message effectively to your clients. We build all of our websites with a CMS called Craft. With Craft, we can create a custom user interface that is ideal for your team. Craft also allows us to create a unique user experience that suits your customers.

With a custom-coded website, you can anticipate the future growth of your company. They allow for greater flexibility, whether you need to pull data from other applications, configure in an online store, sync with custom-built applications, or add any number of functions to support your company’s continued success. A custom-coded website will allow your company to not only keep your website running for 5 to 8 years, but will also be easily adaptable, accommodating future change.

Lets peek five years into the future at the local bakery you've built: business is booming and you are now ready to switch over to a custom-coded site. You would like to have the option for customers to purchase baked goods for pickup or delivery directly from the website. Users should also be able to download a menu generated by code, allowing you, the business owner, to avoid paying a web designer every time you may need to adapt the menu offerings. A custom-built site even affords you the ability to connect the website to an outside custom ordering app.

Custom Pros
  • Unique website design
  • Up-to-date code that will last the lifetime of a website
  • Limitless future customization
Custom Cons
  • Upfront cost
  • Longer turn-around time

Check out one of our most recent custom-coded websites, We listened to LMOGA (Louisiana Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Association), identified their needs, and were able to provide them an amazing experience for their clients. They were interested in connecting with and educating their clients on up-to-date news in an intuitive way. We developed a way for LMOGA’s clients to download a dynamically generated PDF of industry terminology, pulling data directly from their CMS, by requiring only an email address. As a result, LMOGA’s terminology page experienced explosive organic traffic from industry leaders.

So how do you know which option is best for your business? It’s all about effective communication. Rockit Science Agency can help you determine what’s right for you. We can help you discover what your business needs, now and in the future. Contact to start the conversation.

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