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Rockit Spotlight: Kyle Baker

Rockit Spotlight: Kyle Baker


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Kyle Baker is an Interactive Designer/Developer at Rockit Science Agency. He began as an intern at the agency and now, as a five-year veteran, Kyle helps develop and maintain a diverse spread of websites for amazing clients.

    How did your Rockit Science career begin?

    In college, I interned as a graphic designer. I spent most of my time keeping the team entertained with my "will do anything for coffee" attitude. After my internship was over, I went to work for a few other companies to expand my skill sets.. A few years later, I was offered a full-time position as an Interactive Designer/Developer.

    Favorite book?

    I can't get enough of Enders Game. It's still one of my favorite stories of all time.

    Favorite vacation spot?

    My favorite vacation spot is definitely Maui. It's by far the most relaxing place I've ever been to.

    What's your favorite food?

    Hands down my favorite food is pizza. I'm a fan of most pizza toppings, from the traditional cheese to salty anchovies—I can't get enough pizza. Just please, hold the olives and shrooms!

    What's your coffee order?

    I'll typically order a black coffee – no room for cream or sugar. If I'm feeling impish or regrettably find myself at Starbucks, I'll grab a vanilla latte without the foam. My favorite coffee bean is an Indonesian bean that my dad and I roast ourselves.

    Cookies or Brownies?

    Brownies. Let's join forces to keep nuts out of brownies. Leave the squirrels out of this delicious treat! No one is interested in ruining that delicious, smooth and creamy experience with a bunch of nuts.

    What hobbies do you do on your free time?

    I love to bake. Baking is an activity that allows me to use my hands. It's a process where you can be creative but within the confinement of a recipe.

    What quote has the most meaning to you personally or professionally?

    "Fake it till you make it." I'm an avid believer that lying your way to the top is the best way to learn new skills. You'll never find a better motivation.

    What would you say... you do here?

    As an interactive designer and web developer, my typical day involves continuous visits to Google looking for reminders on how to code the simplest things. If you’re a web developer, you’ll understand.

    Why did you choose web development as your career?

    I didn't choose web development. Web development chose me. After college, I started my career in the oversaturated graphic design industry. At my first job, there was a need for a web developer, and I accepted the role in hopes to better myself in the industry. Many late nights and an excessive consumption of coffee make me the developer I am today.

    What kind of music do you listen to when you code?

    I have a very eclectic rotation of music from pop to metal. It really just depends on my mood.

    What trends do you see in web development that affect your day to day?

    Web development trends are changing daily in our industry. This requires developers to continue to learn new processes so they aren't left behind.

    What's your favorite thing about Rockit Science Agency?

    The free coffee!

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