March 19, 2019 - less than a min read

Creative Rollout for CATS Service Improvement Plan

Creative Rollout for CATS Service Improvement Plan

Amy Crawford

Senior VP / Account Director
Capital Area Transit Service system wide bus route map at a bus stop in Baton Rouge.

The Capital Area Transit Service (CATS) mission to “enrich the lives of customers and communities…” was elevated by implementing their Service Improvement Plan early this year. While CATS increased transit accessibility and service times for over 20% more of the residents in our area, the Agency created exciting new visual components such as route maps, bus shelter schedules, and a sleek atlas—showcasing the system improvements in one digestible, portable piece.

CATS bus parked in a parking lot in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
Route map for the CATS bus system.
Bus stop sign for CATS in Baton Rouge.
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