March 20, 2019 - less than a min read

Branding Update for Louisiana Organ Procurement Agency

Branding Update for Louisiana Organ Procurement Agency

Brad BonGiovanni

President / Chief Creative Officer
Lobby for LOPA located in Covington, Louisiana.

LOPA’s core purpose is “Making Life Happen.” They save and heal lives through organ and tissue donation. Rockit Science Agency partnered with LOPA’s interior design firm to develop new brand elements that seamlessly integrate into the built environment. Designated colors were selected for the wayfinding system that leveraged specific colors for each floor, directional awareness, and space planning. By tastefully drawing attention to key elements, we are able to serve building function as well as brand reinforcement.

Interior signage and environmental graphics for LOPA in Covington, Louisiana.
Interior signs and wayfinding for LOPA.
Stairway graphics for the LOPA office in Covington.
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