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Advertising 101

Advertising 101

Brad BonGiovanni

President / Chief Creative Officer

Although the internet and social channels, like Facebook and Instagram, have changed the way we work, shop and communicate, traditional advertising methods are still very much alive. Whilst singular-focused digital companies routinely focus on digital and online advertising in isolation, alternative methods can still reap high-value rewards. Indeed, any business that wants to maximize its ROI from a marketing budget should include a range of traditional advertising options in every campaign.

A 360 approach to full integration is what Rockit Science often proposes to clients wishing to enter the marketplace. This approach is a holistic view of mixing tactical outlays with heavier priority given to the defining strategies and research to ensure the core message aligns with the target audience. Creative strategies and tactics formed under this advertising method often rip through the market clutter and engage audiences like wildfire. A great example of a highly effective campaign is Rockit Science's FranU rebrand and a traditional advertising campaign.

The right type of marketing has been shown to increase consumer brand adoption, so it’s no surprise to learn that you could increase sales by advertising in the right place. Of course, the ‘right place’ is different for every business. With assistance from a highly respected advertising agency, you can determine how, where and when your products or services should be promoted. This insight can ensure that you find the ‘right place’ to advertise your brand and increase your profits in the process.

What is traditional advertising?

Traditional forms of advertising typically include newspaper advertisements, TV ads, radio ads, billboards, print media, and flyers, although there are other options. Generally, traditional methods of advertising focus on displaying content to a mass audience. Keeping in mind that TV ad insertions can now be highly targeted reaching into the homes of your target customer segment and across their wireless services serving up ads on all their devices. Traditional is evolving to be as smart as digital and highly targeted in some aspects.

A billboard(OOH) may be seen by thousands of people passing by it each day, for example, whilst a television advertisement can be seen by millions of people any time it’s shown. Whilst digital marketing is more focused on the personalization of marketing materials, traditional advertising uses detailed research to determine where, when and how your content can be exposed to large numbers of your target demographic. A great example of smart billboard(OOH) creative can be found in Rockit Science's national award-winning Meth Sucks campaign that selected unique billboard locations where gravestones were sold and strip clubs were located.

Has traditional advertising become more high tech?

Absolutely! Technology has revolutionized almost every industry and advertising is no different. When it comes to branding and marketing, traditional advertising is benefiting from the latest forms of technology.

With digital billboards, for example, you can create more eye-catching adverts and use animation and film in a new medium. Furthermore, this type of digitization can reduce the cost of advertising considerably. Digital billboards can frequently change the content they display. This means you can secure space on a digital billboard more cost-effectively than if you were the only company using it to advertise.

By opening up traditional advertising methods to SMEs and start-ups, these changes have ensured that all types of businesses can benefit from advertising their brand via traditional marketing methods.

Can traditional advertising work with digital marketing?

Of course! Traditional advertising doesn’t have to come at the expense of digital marketing or vice versa. In fact, the most effective marketing campaigns are those which incorporate both online and traditional methods of advertising.

If you place an advertisement on prime-time TV, for example, you’ll be hoping for an immediate spike in the number of people who visit your website. As a result, effective website development and upgrades should be carried out prior to the launch of any marketing campaign.

By taking a cohesive approach to marketing, your company can get a better return on its investment when it comes to advertising and increase sales accordingly. Whether you’re promoting a service, product or your brand, traditional advertising should be an integral part of your marketing.

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