Rockit Science Agency

Meth Sucks

Unveiling the scary truth of Methamphetamine use.

Meth Sucks

Rockit Science Agency was selected to work on a Federal Initiative in order to develop an anti-meth campaign. The Agency created a campaign entitled “Meth Sucks,” which represented the very obvious idea that drugs suck. It also represented the concept that Meth sucks everything good out of one’s life. Throughout television, print and billboard creative a young female teen was featured in two phases of Meth use, alive and dead.

TV Campaign

How do you illustrate the dangers of meth in :30 seconds? By capturing the steps taken during an autopsy and storage of bodies after death. The hard hitting visuals captured from the morgue, surgical tools, and long dark hallways provided a raw and untouched glimpse into a very real world.

Community Awareness

A campaign brochure was developed to educate and offer assistance to individuals who find themselves trapped in a world of meth.


Traditional media buy strategies were utilized across television and print, however, when it came to OOH (Billboard) specific locations were selected to benefit the campaign’s “in your face” nature which included billboards next to cemeteries, strip clubs, churches, hospitals and high schools.

Something’s Rotten

In the creative that featured the teen addict alive, Rockit Science Agency showcased the effects of meth use on the teen’s mouth, full of rotting teeth, with copy that read, “Smile, You’re An Addict.” In creative that featured the teen dead it showcased her in several stages at a morgue with copy that read “Death, Just Another Side Effect.”

Death, in Full Screen

A simple but direct approach was taken with the interactive experience. Long depth-of-field photography mixed with startling statistics of meth use tell the real story behind one of America’s most dangerous drugs.

The Part Where We Talk About the Awards We've Won

In 2011, the Meth Sucks campaign won three ADDY advertising awards at the Regional Awards and seven ADDY awards, including Best of Public Service, at the Baton Rouge Awards. The Meth Sucks television spot also received the highest honor for the 2011 Telly Awards, a Silver Telly.

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