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TXOGA-Texas Oil & Gas Association

Up through the ground come a bubbling crude…

TXOGA-Texas Oil & Gas Association

Founded in 1919, the Texas Oil and Gas Association is the oldest association in Texas. The Texas Oil and Gas Association, based in Austin, has approximately 4,000 members, produces in excess of 92-percent of Texas’ crude oil and natural gas, is responsible for some 95-percent of the state’s refining capacity, and operates a vast majority of the state’s pipeline mileage. Some 500 of these members are executives of 50 of the state’s largest energy companies.

Everything is Bigger in Texas

Rockit Science Agency was engaged to rebrand TXOGA and create a robust interactive web experience. The Agency wanted to remain true to the long-standing legacy and rich history of the association while modernizing the brand identity of TXGOA. Dominating font sizes and colors were utilized to command attention and respect. The Agency, through its discovery process, located an original seal utilized by TXOGA and modernized aspects of the seal so it could be included in the brand hierarchy.

We make JR Proud

Original photography assets from the 1900s were located and utilized across the interactive website to dramatically communicate the associations' longevity and importance to the oil and gas production in the United States. The interactive experience utilized the new secondary brand palette that complimented the rich photography. The Agency's extensive interactive web process included information architecture, content audits, wireframes, design, and programming. The site included market-facing user-interface, as well as internal-facing access and portals for members, committees, stakeholders, and lobbyists.

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