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Louisiana Department of Revenue

Branding so good it's deductible.

Louisiana Department of Revenue

Benjamin Franklin said, “The only things certain in life are death and taxes.” Rockit Science Agency is bringing taxes’ sexy back with this rebrand and interactive website experience. The Agency was engaged with repositioning a new brand identity for the Louisiana state agency that would rival the brands and interactive experiences of the IRS and White House.

Websites and Taxes

The Agency began the process with discovery and exploration of the existing brand and the brand’s interaction with three individual groups of tax preparers —  individuals, accountants, and businesses. Usability testing was conducted with each segment to determine what worked and what didn’t work on their existing site and to develop user-pathways.

An Audit That Really Pays Off

An extensive content audit was completed and used by the Agency to create the new information architecture. After extensive wireframes were presented to the client, the agency created responsive site designs and a pattern library, producing adaptive layouts to provide the ideal experience for the plethora of mobile, tablet and desktop devices used to view websites.

Information Architecture

The Lousiana Department of Revenue hosts a lot of information. Through our research and testing we developed intuitive user paths, including rich dropdowns, search boxes, and deep links that are surfaced based on the type of content being viewed, so visitors can find what they are looking for, no matter how common it is.

UX Design

We didn't want visitors to be overwhelmed with the vast amount of information available on the LDR website, so the Agency introduced a strong visual design hierarchy using bold colors, rich typography, and beautiful imagery — carefully revealing only the most relevant information as users navigate the website.

Built to Grow

The new interactive brand developed by Rockit Science is built to grow as the Department of Revenue expands their website and applications. We provided them with a pattern library that makes it easy to quickly prototype and develope new features while maintaining a consistent brand and voice.

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