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LUBA Workers’ Comp

LUBA Workers’ Comp

LUBA Workers' Comp is a regional casualty insurance company that provides workers' comp coverage to agents in Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, and Mississippi. As LUBA Workers' Comp agency of record, Rockit Science Agency guides strategic brand develop, advertising and sales strategies, evolved interactive solutions, and media buy planning and implementation across the service landscape. As one of Louisiana's premier and largest workers' comp providers and AM Best Rate -A, LUBA Workers' Comp excels at providing "Genuine Dependability" to its policyholders and agents.

We’ve Got Spirit, Yes We Do!

Rockit Science Agency captured the essence of LUBA’s relationship-driven work environment in the integrated marketing campaign, “The Spirit of Genuine Dependability”. The campaign kicked off with the goal of informing prospective agents and policyholders about the benefits of working with LUBA Workers’ Comp while also establishing a strong brand presence that would carry over into new markets.

The campaign uses iconic and monumental events in American history that required the attributes surrounding “Genuine Dependability”, such as the first moon landing and the historic triumph of the racehorse, Seabiscuit. By providing relatable examples of how LUBA approaches business that individuals align with based on human nature, cultural indictors related to self-worth, and community-wide acceptable values, the company could connect to a broad audience. The agency created a campaign that reached its target demographic through radio, print and digital advertisements. Each of these spots delivered the message of passion and dedication that is true to the culture and existing brand persona of LUBA Workers’ Comp.

So Fresh and So Clean

Along with visually bringing Genuine Dependability to life, LUBA Workers’ Comp also entrusted Rockit with evolving the company logo to create a refreshed look to compliment their new approach in the market place. An updated font style and a descriptive wordmark were added to the LUBA Workers’ Comp logo.

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