Rockit Science Agency

Cotton and Seventeen Magazine

It’s a walk-off! Fashion Camp elevates experiential branding and affinity for Cotton and Seventeen Magazine.

Cotton and Seventeen Magazine

Rockit Science Agency had the unique opportunity to work with Cotton and Seventeen on an experiential marketing event entitled “Fashion Camp,” where teens learned about the fashion industry from experts in the field. The event included an impromptu runway show in the middle of one of the nation’s leading shopping malls, and showcased professional runaway models from major markets.

It's A Walk Off

The Agency provided public relations, event and talent management, as well as design of environmental graphics. The project was produced during BTS (Back-to-School) in order to target teen demographics and expose them to the Seventeen Magazine and Cotton brands.


Based on the success of this prototype event, the project was rolled out to eight major markets across the United States. It was truly amazing to be part of an event that assisted in inspiring teens to follow their dreams.


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