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Click It or Ticket Louisiana Highway Safety Campaign

Helping the Po-Po in Louisiana and Florida save lives one click at a time.

Louisiana Highway Safety Commission

Click It or Ticket

Over 15,000 lives are saved by seat belts each year. The Louisiana Department of Highway Safety and the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission selected Rockit Science Agency to work on multiple annual Click It or Ticket campaigns that could connect with teens in a non-traditional way. Rockit Science Agency developed media buy strategies which included television, print, radio, online and non-traditional buys related to social media and movie theaters. Rockit Science also provided annual public relations services related to press release development, distribution and press event management.

Hitting the Streets

Rockit Science Agency commissioned local artists to illustrate community posters in the style of popular street art to reach young teen drivers. The graphics were designed to be more playful and less stern than materials used in past Click It or Ticket campaigns in order to connect with teens. The posters were hung at popular teen hangouts and were used on other collateral handouts such as t-shirts and stickers.


The goal was reached with a 25% increase in seat belt use among the teenage demographic. This was the largest increase in awareness and use across the state of Louisiana and was equivalent to previous campaigns that cost in excess of $3 million dollars.

The campaign has since been adopted by the Florida Department of Transportation for its unique and effective approach.

Experiential Advertising

An Experiential Advertising Campaign was developed to engage and interact with consumers in high traffic areas. Street graphic stencils were power-washed on sidewalks in public areas - a method called “Reverse Graffiti.” These were placed on jogging paths, in front of shopping centers, and movie theaters. Spray chalk was also utilized in a variety of high school locations. This method washes away after rain and is less permanent than “Reverse Graffiti.”

Baby’s First Car Wreck

Rockit Science Agency created a life-size movie theater display of a car getting into a wreck that would allow consumers to stand in as victims of the crash. Consumers would have friends and family take a photo with their cellphones and share images virally via Facebook and Twitter. The display was placed at movie theaters during the blockbuster summer movie releases.


Another experiential element of the campaign was the creation of fliers based on the typical “lost cat” or “piano lessons.” The whimsical fliers created included “Kitten Training,” “Learn to draw so people think you’re awesome!” and “Are you a figment of your own imagination?” Each flier had a unique 1-800 number which, when called would prompt the caller to listen to a variety of pre-recorded comedic messages related to wearing seat belts. Everything from a vampire and his pet kitten to rocker dinosaurs were featured. The fliers were placed on community boards at Starbucks and other retailers.

The Part Where We Talk About the Awards We've Won

In 2011, the Click It or Ticket poster campaign and illustrations were awarded 7 gold ADDY for the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission. The “Reverse Graffiti” and “Play It Safe” poster were honored with 2 silver ADDY awards.

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