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Sunshine Media

Bright branding across the Gulfsouth

Sunshine Media

Sunshine Media, previously Sunshine Pages, is a leading yellow page publisher that distributes 1.7 million copies to homes and businesses throughout the Gulf South. I know what you're thinking, who uses the phone book? We thought the same thing, so we not only changed the conversation -- but provided a new brand reposition in the marketplace. The Agency began the project by reviewing existing market research, while completing analysis of internal and external operations to determine opportunities for efficiency and growth.

Local, Like a Boss

A localized alignment with small business was determined as the right marketplace position based on new and existing research. The Agency further supported this position by communicating the importance of the client's role in connecting businesses and customers online, on the move, and at home. A fully integrated campaign entitled "We Are Local" was created that showcased existing customers, representative of main street.  was secured and launched as a resource for small businesses to improve the future of their local economy.

Brands That Stick

The fully integrated campaign included ads, billboards, and television. "We Are Local" stickers were created and distributed to customers to assist in consumer alignment with localized shopping movements. Multiple sales aids and collateral pieces were created to assist the client's sales force in future business development; including a focus on directional marketing. A spotlight was shined on technology and online offerings to ensure Sunshine Media's business model is both adaptive and evolving to fit consumer's needs in the future.

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