Rockit Science Agency

Louisiana Mid-Continent Oil & Gas Association


The members of the Louisiana Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Association (LMOGA) work in one of the more dynamic and varied ecosystems in the world.  As a result they are as likely to visit the Association’s website to track the potential impact of a category five hurricane as they are to track the impact of proposed tax policy. With this informational challenge in mind, the Association turned to Rockit Science Agency to rebrand the Association and redesign its interactive properties.

Branding 90 Years

Rockit Science combined its information architecture expertise with its innovative web design strategies to create a flexible, high velocity website where association members, partners, the press and general public can readily find time-sensitive information, track issues and connect to experts and analysis. The Association is also able to harness the flexible nature of the content management system (CMS) created by Rockit Science to power the website.

Fueling Our Future

The Agency developed a campaign entitled “Fueling Our Future” to highlight the continuity of the Association’s past, present and future role in the region’s resource use and management. This effort was supported by a micro-site that houses a campaign video produced by Rockit Science as the teaser for the campaign launch of Fueling our Future.  The micro-site was built onto the newly-redesigned LMOGA website through the flexibility of the CMS system.

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