Rockit Science Agency


Branded energy efficiency across Portland, Seattle, and the Pacific Northwest.


The Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance, based in Portland, Oregon, was founded in 1997 by more than 100 Northwest electric utilities to leverage the region’s resources and collective knowledge to deliver long-term energy savings to the Northwest’s 12 million energy consumers.

Rockit Science Agency was selected to develop a new comprehensive brand initiative for energy efficiency across Washington, Oregon, Montana, and Idaho for NEEA and their partners that focused on getting consumers to recognize energy wasted in the homes.

Branding Efficiency

The initial phase of research set out to determine key assumptions about energy use behavior and the barriers to changing that behavior. A total of three market surveys, qualitative and quantitative, were performed by Rockit Science Agency and their partners, Larkspur Energy and Benenson Strategy Group, known for working with President Obama and Campbells Soup.

Three individual brand position campaigns were created based on findings in the initial market research and were further tested across Washington, Oregon, Montana, and Idaho. Each brand campaign provided communication in a variety of tonal positions, as well as delivery methods and triggers identified as high-priority in the market research.

Facebook Integration

Multiple interactive Facebook game apps were presented to promote energy efficiency. The Agency developed and designed information architecture, user experience, programming, and graphical user interface pathways for these games and apps. 

Some Stinking Badges!

The Agency developed social media and communication strategies related to the initiatives and ongoing energy partner program-level activities. Consumer sharing on social media platforms assist in brand affinity building, the Agency developed custom social media badges. 

Stylish Guidelines

An extensive research, campaign, and brand style guide was created to aid over 100 utilities in the proper integration and brand consistency across the region.

Pretty and Responsive

The regional campaign was supported by an interactive website which was built responsive so consumers could experience and engage in the community-based sharing via mobile and iPad devices. Consumers could share their energy efficiency activities across the region via a geo-targeted map that acted as an aggregated collection of tweets and photos from Instragram. Over a 100 utilities were able to individually customize the interactive experience unique to their corporate brands.

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