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The Agency was engaged to work on a new brand awareness campaign for The Hospice of Baton Rouge

Sep 25, 2017

The Hospice of Baton Rouge is the oldest and only nonprofit hospice organization in Baton Rouge, La. For over 30 years, they have provided three generations of families within 13 parishes the end-of-life care they choose regardless of their ability to pay. As The Hospice’s agency of record, Rockit Science Agency provides strategic planning, advertising messaging and design, and evolved sales materials.

After a discovery process with key stakeholders, the Agency was able to determine their internal and external messaging strategies. Although the nonprofit aspect of the company was unique, it was not the main reason families of patients chose The Hospice. These individuals valued quality, experience, expertise, and reputation. Fortunately, The Hospice exuded all of these qualities.

After careful consideration, the Agency crafted a message that was all encompassing:

Excellence & Empathy, Every Day.

As the first hospice organization in the city, The Hospice of Baton Rouge has served three generations of families with excellence in care and empathy in every touch. Each one of our care team members are specifically chosen for your loved one’s needs. Choose a local organization that selflessly serves each and every day.

This level of excellence in care with empathy in every touch has shaped its internal culture and guided the way they treat patients and their families. For us to further capture the essence of their quality of care, authenticity, and reputation, we featured real employees of The Hospice. Each employee was chosen to showcase a member of their care team. The messaging coupled with the imagery drove home the idea that this organization is local and there for you.

In addition to a new brand awareness campaign, Rockit Science also went through an audit of the Hospice of Baton Rouge’s brand usage. Close attention was paid to discover all areas that the brand lives internally as well as in the marketplace. After the brand audit, the Agency provided a shiny new brand standards guide, along with a refreshed, responsive logo that works across all platforms. The updated brand was rolled out alongside the brand awareness campaign.

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