Rockit Science Agency

Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University Rebrand and Recruitment Campaign

Sep 25, 2017

Rockit Science Agency was selected as agency of record to rebrand and reposition Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University, one of the oldest Franciscan universities in the United States. Through an extensive discovery process, which included analysis of quantitative and qualitative research, the Agency developed new brand elements and segmented messaging hierarchies for the University.

The Agency created new multi-channel and annualized planning for the consumer-facing brand, as well as recruitment and alumni engagement strategies and tactics. A recruitment engagement campaign, "What Will You Become?,” was created to align with the target consumers’ inner desires and needs of self-actualization with the primary goal of increasing enrollment and interest in variant schools, academic programs, degrees, and ways of giving.

After discovery interviews with students, the Agency selected a handful to spotlight. Each one of their stories were unique to them; however, their reason why they chose to come to Franciscan University and what it means to be Franciscan were universally recognized. It was important that the video was interview driven to capture the true emotions from the students.

In addition, a wolf mascot was designed and developed to honor one of St. Francis’ stories about a wolf protecting a town. The mascot serves as an exciting character to attend the many volunteer and philanthropy events the students partake in. The wolf design needed to be bold to convey strength and intelligence. Our design objectives were to make individuals feel proud to be part of the  Fran U family with a collegiate style across the new brand elements.

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